Choosing the right Social Media platform

Do you know your Twitter from your Facebook? Or, should you focus on LinkedIn or Pinterest?

What we have seen over the years is a reluctance for people and businesses to consider what is right for them and rest assured it does vary between business types and also based on what they are selling. We draw the links that best serve your business.  It may not be practical for you to spend the time on all social platforms but it is fair to say that it is important that you do spend some time on the priorities.


Social Audit MSCBS Links

We have devised an Audit based on analysing similar business, successful and unsuccessful, product and service type and calculated as a score based on what is actually being done and what we would recommend.  The basic audit will provide a score and some high level recommendations and will be conducted for FREE.  We monitor over a 24 hour period and plan to produce and issue the basic report within 48 hours of someone completing the form.

The request form takes 5 minutes to complete, if that.

Once we have analysed, provided the report we will happily discuss a no obligation managed service where we can provide assistance and improvements.


Social Platforms