Citations and why are they important

Following our blog post at the end of last month we have spent a lot of time researching the importance of citations and the requirement to register with companies and appear on their listings.

Firstly understanding how people search is a must because it can be time consuming...

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What is a Citation?

In website speak a citation is an entry in a Business Listing which details the business, contact details and services you offer with a link to your website.

Why are they important?

Firstly it is another way of people finding you and your business but the...

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Painting Communal Stairs

When you live in a flat it is often the case that you are one of many flats that use the same shared entrance and a common staircase that services multiple owners and tenants in the block.

Painting these areas is often a challenge as they have high ceilings, stone or concrete...

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Interior Design starts and ends with a Professional Painter Decorator

When someone talks about why it is important engaging a professional trades person to undertake work on your home you need to consider a number of factors. The reality though when considering a room and how it works the one thing that always brings everything together is the...

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Hand painting Kitchens is not just a decorating choice

The replacement cost of a new kitchen typically varies between £5,000 and £65,000 depending on the number of units, quality of materials and the kitchen design. So consider the kitchen units are in good working order and the current layout and design is as you would want, then why...

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Commercial Painting 3 Reasons to consider engaging a Professional Painter

A. Specialist surfaces and the know-how as to what is practical and appropriate. Consider flooring as just one example; factories, shops and even some offices have concrete flooring. The reasons being are that the construction is strong, durable and performs incredibly well as a...

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Upcycling Furniture Fashion Statement or a Way of Saving Money?

At Borthwick Decorators we often hear that furniture, typically kitchen units, looks dated and tired, especially when the walls and ceilings are decorated. We also hear the phrases “shabby chic”, “French style”, “farmhouse style” and “antique make-over” all the time. We don’t...

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Draught Proofing Sash and Case Windows

First we have to consider the design of Sash and Case windows and the effects of opening and closing over the years, decades or even centuries. It’s likely the windows were originally a tight fit that glided easily but with wear and tear and paint build up you can understand why...

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Exterior painting your house and getting it right

There are two reasons why you should paint your house on a regular basis. The most important is the protection and weather proofing of wood, masonry and metalwork. The second is the general appearance. Both will add value to your property.

The factors on delivering a professional...

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Hand Painted Kitchen Units

Is your kitchen looking a bit dated? Is it looking tired and needing rejuvenated?

Have you considered hand painting the units rather than replacing the whole kitchen?

Irrespective of whether your units are natural wood, MDF, laminate or waxed a professional kitchen painter can...

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