Content Writing

Content as you are more than aware is king to engaging with customers. Structured properly will help indexing and this means a lot when it comes to indexing for search engines. Keywords and tags were important but not anymore as the vast majority of search engines ignore them.  The length of the article is also important as it will keep the person engaged as will the use of images and links.

What makes a Great article?

Click on the links, Good Example and Bad Example and compare the two pages that open up.  Fundamentally they say the same thing but from a search engine perspective one will be found and indexed appropriately the other will not.

Good Example

Structured, Image Tags Used, Bullets, Headings,etc.

Bad Example

Poor Structure, No Images, No breaks, etc.

So what do we offer?

We offer both a writing service and also a review service of all your internet based content.  We look at the engagement and the structures and recommend the most appropriate chages to increasing your ranking capabilities.


A blog is just another form of Content Writing but the same principles apply.  The content should be engaging and generate traffic to either your website of social media communication because visitors want more information.





Content Review

  • Bronze - 5 Pages
  • Silver - 12 Pages
  • Gold - 30 Pages
  • Platinum - 150 Pages
  • Diamond - All


£60.00 - £360.00  incl VAT

Blog Writing

  • 4 Blogs - Month Delivery
  • 12 Blogs - Quarterly Delivery
  • 26 Blogs - Half Year
  • 100 - 200 Words
  • Links Incorporated
  • Social Blast

£120.00 - £480.00  incl VAT

Content Writing

  • One Article - £60.00
  • Two Articles - £108.00
  • Three Articles - £144.00
  • Review process
  • Structured Content
  • Links Incorporated
  • Social Blast

£60.00 - £144.00  incl VAT


  • High Quality Images
  • Use on Articles/Web/Blogs
  • Use on Social Media
  • One Image
  • Two Images
  • Five Images
  • Ten Images

£12.00 - 90.00 incl VAT